If you’re reading this, chances are you are thinking about signing up to a lease for a new site.

It is unlikely to come as a surprise that the draft lease you are face with is likely to be heavily skewed in the landlord’s favour. So do you really know what you are signing up to?

That’s what our email course is about. Over the course of a week we set out ten questions which you should ask yourself before committing to a new lease, in short, digestible chunks.

What will you learn from this short course?

Our legal experts will pose the key questions that you should be thinking about to protect your position, and then will talk you through the main points to explore, in clear actionable steps. Points covered include:

– Should you bother with a survey?

– Do you understand the liabilities you are signing up to?

– Do you have all the rights you need to trade?

– What is your exit strategy?

….and much more.


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10 things to think 
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