We have reported periodically on the requirement for all door staff to hold a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority or SIA, the body responsible for  regulating the private security industry in the UK.  As part of the Government’s move to cut red tape and remove the burden of regulation on business it was announced in 2010 that the SIA was to be disbanded with a plan for a “new regulatory regime.

A change in emphasis
It has recently been announced that the new plans mean that the industry will have greater responsibility for and involvement in regulation.  The key difference will be a change to regulation of security businesses by the SIA rather than individuals.  It will be a criminal offence for a business to provide security services if it is not regulated by the SIA.

Under the new regime, businesses will be responsible for carrying out a licence application process for each of its employees which must include confirming the individual’s identity, address history, qualifications and right to work in the UK.  Checks will be carried out through an SIA trusted partner.  The SIA will continue to carry out checks on criminality.  Legislation should be in place by the end of 2013 so that the SIA can commence regulation of businesses in Spring 2014.

The Approved Contractor Scheme will not continue but it is thought that ACS companies will be best placed to become a regulated business under the new regime.

The position currently is that the SIA continues to regulate the security industry and it continues to be illegal for doorstaff to operate without an SIA licence.

We will update you when new legislation is announced.  In the meantime, more information can be found on the SIA web site

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