Re-opening on the horizon

The much awaited easing of lockdown restrictions are now at last on the horizon and with the vaccine programme moving at pace the COVID tide looks like it’s turning, which means the hospitality trade can see a much clearer path ahead.

Relaxation of planning and licensing measures

This was bolstered further by Robert Jenrick’s (Communities Secretary) letter to all Council’s in England and Wales announcing a range of measures aimed at helping businesses rebuild. In the broadest terms his message was to cut the red tape using additional measures and relaxations to support the hospitality industry.

This will include:

Pavement Licences

Extension of the relaxed pavement licence provisions for a further 12 months until March 2022. It’s made clear in the letter that the Government expects the grant of fast track licences unless there is a very good reason not to. Robert Jenrick has indicated that tacit consent will also apply if there is no response to the application from the local authority.

Outdoor markets and fairs

Planning relaxations that will mean that outdoor markets and summer fairs will not need a planning application.

Take Away

Temporary changes to licensing laws will allow more licensed premises to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises to support take away service.

Licensing Authorities approach

Despite the relaxations last year we did find some clients still received complaints from local residents who were not as keen on the social distancing initiatives and the need to encourage more outside trade. But in the majority of cases we were involved in Licensing Authorities endorsed the Government view that licensed premises should use as much available outside space as possible.

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