To help combat the effects of climate change the Government is introducing new waste management strategies. The latest strategy is food segregation – all food waste will need to be collected separately from other waste. This will undoubtedly have an impact on the hospitality sector with operators paying the recycling costs. Other options previously utilised by the sector such as macerators and liquidising digesters will also be banned.

Who do the obligations apply to?

All businesses in England and Wales but hospitality businesses will be some of those most affected as they produce a high volume of food waste.

What are the new requirements?

  • Food waste will need to be separated from all other types of waste
  • Food waste must be separated into a different bin for collection
  • Food must be sent for recycling (not to landfill or incineration)
  • Macerators and liquidising digesters will be banned
  • Drying and dewatering is still permitted as this reduces the volume of food waste for collection

When will the new rules come into force?

Wales – October 2023. If your business produces less than 5kg of food waste per week then you will not have to segregate your food waste.

England – No implementation date has been announced but we can expect this shortly.


The main cost for hospitality business who do not already segregate food waste will be setting up a separation process at the venue and organising a separate food waste collection.

If you are one tenant in a building complex where waste is collected centrally the landlord will need to set up a separate food collection service for the building.

Action: Consider how this requirement will affect your business and what changes you will need to make to comply with the new obligations.

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