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Our People

Unrivalled experience in the hospitality industry

Our specialist team has worked with drinks companies, hotels and operators
in the hospitality and leisure industry for over 25 years.

Peter Holden

Christopher Ainsworth | Real estate

Sarah Beardmore

Sarah Beardmore | Brands


Adam Boyd | Property disputes

Andrew Bretherton

Andrew Bretherton | M&A

Christopher Ainsworth

Mark Brown | Property disputes

Paul Burnley

Paul Burnley | Business regulation

Paul Chadder | Employers liability

Natalie Drought

Natalie Drought | Commercial contracts

Christopher Ainsworth

Barbara Fidgett | Tenancies

Nigel Gardner | Commercial contracts

Peter Holden

Lisa Gilligan | Licensing

Peter Holden

Jonathan Hambleton | Business growth

Christopher Ainsworth

Simon Hobbs | Disputes

Christopher Ainsworth

Peter Holden | Regulatory

Leo Skinner

Chris Holwell | Construction

Serra Lee

Serra Lee | Real estate

Leo Skinner

Rebecca Marment | Debt recovery

Hayley Payton

Hayley Payton | Real estate

Charlotte Rees-John

Charlotte Rees-John | Employment

Michael Servian

Michael Servian | Brands

Christopher Sing

Christopher Sing | Employment

Leo Skinner

Leo Skinner | Head of Hospitality

Christopher Ainsworth

James Symons | Employment

Chris Waumsley

Chris Waumsley | Planning

Peter Holden

Julia Thurston | Real estate

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