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We have been involved, over more than 25 years, in advising many of the
big players in the leased and tenanted sector.

This has involved advising on the legislative and legal framework affecting the industry and keeping on top of the issues affecting the sector.

In more recent times this has involved advising in connection with the trading tie, regulation 330/2010, BISC and the Government Response.

We have prepared many of the documents and solutions now used in the sector. Our experience over these years has enabled us to find solutions to issues confronting the sector.

Many of the lessons that we have learned have derived out of cases that we have been involved in and these include:

  • Scottish & Newcastle v Bond
  • Trent Taverns v Sykes
  • Enterprise Inns v Carr
  • Passmore v Morland
  • Brewers Beer Company v William Younger
  • Matthew Brown v Reid

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