Brands & Marketing

Is you brand in good health?

Brands are of one of the most important assets of drinks and leisure businesses, involving huge on-going

costs to ensure consumers remain loyal or are tempted away from competitors’ brands.

Making sure your brands are properly exploited and protected is essential, as is enforcement where your intellectual property rights are infringed.

Equally important is the need to promote brands through advertising campaigns or sales promotions.

Ensuring these do not fall foul of watchdogs, such as Portman and Advertising Standards is another area sure to exercise the minds of your marketing teams.

Getting it wrong can result not only in big fines, but also in damage to the reputation of your brand as a result of negative publicity.

Ways we can help you…

  • Trademarks, copyright and patents – registration, portfolio management, protection
  • Managing and exploiting intellectual property rights
  • Handling intellectual property infringement and ownership disputes, such as registered and unregistered designs or copyright (for example for bottle designs)
  • Getting e-commerce/on-line trading right
  • Keeping on the right side of data protection legislation
  • Dealing with domain name disputes
  • Advice on promotional activity

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