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Contributing to a greener future

Our specialist environmental, energy and waste lawyers can help provide powerful solutions for your business

Environmental regulation, sustainability, decarbonisation and energy efficiency are all important in the drinks, hospitality and leisure sectors.  The sector is under pressure to reduce emissions, waste and pollution and become greener in its operations. As part of this, operators must manage their water and energy use as well as waste, noise, emissions and other pollution.

The hotel and leisure sectors must be aware of their environmental obligations and the need to comply with regulations and obtain relevant environmental permissions when necessary.  We advise on environmental permitting requirements, waste management and pollution issues enabling clients to succeed in achieving their objectives as quickly as possible.

Freeths is one of few law firms in the UK with a dedicated Clean Energy, Waste & Sustainability practice which dovetails with a specialist environmental regulatory team. We advise on a broad range of solutions for hospitality businesses, including installation of solar panels and other clean energy technologies, recycling and other waste management strategies, noise and odour nuisance and other emissions issues, electricity, heat and water supply, contamination and pollution issues, energy efficiency measures and electric vehicle charging. 

We help clients in the hospitality sector to decarbonise, improve their sustainability, reduce their energy consumption and emissions, manage their waste and address the ‘green agenda’.

Ways we can help you…

  • Environmental permits and consents 

  • Energy efficiency schemes

  • Contaminated land and water pollution

  • Noise abatement, odour and nuisance orders

  • Renewable energy projects such as solar panels 

  • Energy-from-waste 

  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • Environmental taxes

  • Packaging and other waste regulations


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