Guiding you through the minefield of European Law.

A complex regulatory regime applies to all drinks companies

and brewers, arising out of European Union law.

The Competition Act 1998 also affects drinks manufacturers, as does UK case law, which can be traced right back to the 19th century. Producers will also be well aware of the Beer Orders and the impact on their businesses back in the 1990s, and cases such as Delimitis which continue to have relevance on the way business is done in the sector.

Issues which are subject to legislative control include, amongst others, mortgages and various restrictive practices.

So it is important that you are advised in the context of both relevant legislation and also the precedents that have arisen over a considerable period of time. With over 25 years’ experience of advising brewers and drinks companies, we have been involved in many of the ground breaking cases which have shaped the law – including Morland v Passmore, Trent Taverns v Sykes and Enterprise v Carr.

You can therefore be confident that any issues that you may need advice on – from distribution agreements to supply contracts – will be approached from the perspective of advisers who really understand the regulatory framework which needs to be adhered to.

Ways we can help you…

  • EU / Competition law, particularly in relation to the Block Exemption
  • The trading tie
  • Noise and Nuisance Regulations
  • Fire regulations
  • Asbestos regulations
  • Packaging Waste Regulations, which place an obligation on producers for the disposal or recycling of packaging associated with supply of product – particularly as what constitutes waste is sometimes open to interpretation.
  • Merger control
  • Competition compliance and training

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