In a recent Gambling Commission test 90% of pubs were failing to prevent children accessing gaming machines which should only by used by over 18s.  With further testing promised, the Commission is urging immediate action to prevent children from using Category C machines in pubs. These have a maximum stake of £1 and maximum prize of £70.

Those in breach of the law may be prosecuted or have their premises licence reviewed. The Commission has confirmed that they will continue to work closely with licensing authorities to support the firm stance they are taking.

Staff are expected to stop children from playing on these machines, both by checking ID and displaying clear signage indicating that there is an age restriction.

Steps pubs should take:

  • Review your policies on the use of gaming machines
  • Train your staff to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities for supervision and checking of ID of users of these machines
  • Ensure that machines are sited in clear view of your staff so that they can supervise their use.

For more detail on the use of gaming machines in pubs and operators’ responsibilities see: Gaming machines in pubs – don’t put your licence at risk

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