Greenwashing – avoiding claims

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Sustainable Hospitality Businesses in the drinks, hospitality and leisure sector are under pressure from governments and consumers alike to make changes to tackle climate change and other environmental harms. Sustainable hospitality is no longer a nice to have, it is a basic requirement, and it impacts the bottom line. According to Marriott Bonvoy’s recent Travel [...]

Drinking bottle waste reduction scheme delayed until 2024

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According to DEFRA UK, consumers use an estimated 14 billion plastic drinks bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 5 billion glass bottles a year. The Government is committed to reducing waste and to ensuring that the UK is a leader in resource efficiency. The Government is committed to introducing a deposit return scheme. A first [...]

Defaulting Tenants – what are a Landlord’s Remedies?

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Many landlord's did not receive their rent due on the March quarter day as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak and the Government closure of all pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes.  A landlord of commercial premises has several options available when faced with non-payment of rent. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen government intervention that [...]

Insolvency Bill to relieve burden on businesses

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Since Covid-19 led some tenants to withhold the March quarter we have been advising both landlords and tenants on the way forward.  We have been busy with statutory demands which seek to enforce payment of rent and also advising on applications for winding-up petitions.  Towards the end of April the Government announced that it would [...]

Coronavirus – Government-backed business support

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Businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors are universally concerned about how they can keep afloat during the current Covid-19 pandemic.  The Government announced a raft of business support measures to help businesses survive an environment where trading has been curtailed and cost of operations may outstrip income. These include Business Interruption Loans, a Coronavirus [...]

Business Interruption Insurance – look closely at your policy

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The hospitality and leisure sectors are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic so far with most now subject to enforced closure.  The message in the media has been that business interruption insurance will not provide cover for losses in relation to COVID-19.  We do not consider that it is this simple and strongly [...]